Topic outline

  • General

    At the end of this course, you will be able to:
    • Use ActiveTransfer to do secure managed file transfers
    • Control and manage inbound and outbound file transfers
    • Transfer files using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP and WebDAV protocols
    • Create and control ActiveTransfer servers
    • Manage ActiveTransfer users
    • Prepare post-processing actions and alerts
    • Do scheduled and event-driven transfers
    • Set up ports with-in ActiveTransfer gateway
    • Implement security features for ActiveTransfer file transfers
    • Use advanced file transfer features, such as acceleration of transfers
    • Monitor file transfers
    • Use MWS for centralized administration and monitoring
    • Perform analytics using dashboards from MashZone
    • Use the Web client for file transfers
    • Find important information in the log file and do troubleshooting
    • Understand high-availability configurations
    Attendees:Anybody dealing with administration and control of file transfers; webMethods Trading Networks administrators; Integration Server developers with Trading Networks responsibility
    Duration:2 days
    Prerequisite:Understanding file transfer protocols

      • ActiveTransfer Overview
      • Configure and managing ActiveTransfer servers
      • Manage ActiveTransfer Users
      • Managing events - post-processing actions and alerting
      • Scheduled and event-driven transfers
      • Centralized monitoring
      • Dashboarding and analytics
      • ActiveTransfer gateway
      • Securing transfers
      • Advanced features, such as acceleration and throttling
      • Monitoring and logging
      Available languages:course book: English
      course delivery: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
      Software version:webMethods 10.1
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