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    The test assumes a general understanding of Java, XML, Web services and internet technologies, as well as specialized knowledge of BPM/BAM development. This test is designed to check for skills of how to implement, execute, and monitor technical business processes by using webMethods BPMS in an organization.


    Experienced webMethods BPM user


    180 minutes

    Available languages:

    course book: English
    course delivery: English


    • Successful completion of the webMethods Certified BPM Developer test requires a solid knowledge in using webMethods BPMS as can be acquired through Software AG training courses plus practical experience.
    • While the suggested resources can assist you in preparing for the test, it is imperative that you have hands-on experience developing and/or maintaining BPM projects since this is a practice-oriented test.
    • Product Documentation: For topics covered in the test, please review the webMethods Product Suite product- and task-related documentation available online at
    • No course completion is required to sit for this exam, but prospective examinees are strongly recommended to have completed the courses: 'webMethods Integration Workshop', 'webMethods BPM for Developers' and 'webMethods Business Process Analytics and Optimization'


    Individuals who successfully complete the webMethods Certified BPM Developer test will have demonstrated knowledge and skills associated with the following subject areas:

    • General webMethods and BPM topics: architecture, suite and ARIS interoperability, setup, etc.
    • Common Software AG Designer: perspectives, views, editors, etc.
    • BPM Processes: development, supported BPMN notation and syntax, process execution, debugging, build & upload, process logging, versioning, import/export, data mapping, etc.
    • BPM User Tasks: user task development, usage of the task editor, MWS deployment, user task execution and monitoring, user task type administration, Mobile Task Integration (MTI)
    • Integration Server and Messaging: supplementing IS services, important packages, publishing documents (Subscription, JMS, EDA), BPM implementation layer, Process Engine administration
    • My webMethods Server: MWS Monitor for processes and User Tasks, Task Engine administration, server environments, etc.
    • Metadata: handling of local metadata, shared process and task metadata, CentraSite Active interoperability
    • webMethods Business Rules: simple business rules, rule deployment, rules management console in My webMethods
    • Blaze Rules: simple business rules, rule deployment, rules maintenance applications in My webMethods
    • Process Simulation: creating and running simulations, simulation resources, embedded optimization
    • Business Process Monitoring using webMethods Optimize for Process and Closed Loop Analytics (CLA): optimize components and startup, events, KPIs and dimensions, rules and alerts, process monitoring and improvement, prediction

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