Topic outline

  • General


    At the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • understand the types of Information Sources available in Presto Hub
    • connect to data sources ('mashables') in Presto Hub
    • use mashables in Presto Wires to create mashups
    • create views and Apps from mashables and mashups
    • aggregate Apps together into a workspace App using MashBoard
    • share Apps through a direct URL, the Presto Enterprise AppDepot, or email


    Users wishing to visualize data with Presto


    2 days

    Available languages:

    course book: English
    course delivery: English, French, German, Spanish



    • General use and knowledge of computing paradigms
    • Web browser usage, including using Drag & Drop GUI's
    • Familiarity with spreadsheet concepts
    • Basic understanding of XML (optional)



    • Connecting to data sources
    • Creating mashups and performing analytics (RAQL)
    • Exposing artifacts to Apps (visualizations)
    • Creating Dashboards
    • Sharing Apps