Natural Certified Application Developer

Objectives:The Software AG Certification Program establishes a standard of knowledge and skills necessary to successfully set-up, customize and drive business process excellence projects with Software AG technology. All certifications offered by Software AG attest to a high level of proficiency as a process expert based on ARIS, webMethods, Natural or Adabas.
Benefits of achieving the Natural Certified Application Developer certification are
  • Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency
  • Validation of your expertise and skills to your employer
  • Ability to apply for future job opportunities
Duration:120 minutes
Prerequisite:The test assumes a general understanding of Natural programming language and environments. The questions cover the following Natural products

  • Natural
  • Predict especially the
  • NaturalONE Predict plugin NaturalONE and features such as Data Browser, NATdoc, NATStyle
  • Natural features such as Code Coverage, Profiler

    Successful completion of the Natural Certified Application Developer test requires a solid knowledge in using Natural and NaturalONE as can be acquired through Software AG training courses plus practical experience.

    While the suggested resources can assist you in preparing for the test, it is imperative that you have hands-on experience developing applications in Natural.

    No course completion is required to sit for this exam, but prospective examinees are strongly recommended to have completed the courses mentioned in section 7 of this document.

    For topics covered in the test, please review the Natural documentation.

  • We propose to attend the following offerings as prerequisite:

      Content:Individuals who successfully complete the Natural 8.x Certified Application Developer test will have demonstrated knowledge and skills associated with the following subject areas:
      • General Natural knowledge
        Benefits of using Natural, application areas, platform and database availability, components of a Natural system, development scenarios
      • Natural syntax
        Statements, data types, data declaration, data areas, system functions, system variables, DBMS access principles, Natural DML for Adabas access, error handling
      • Application Architecture
        Modularization, subprograms, subroutines, invocation, parameter passing, data access layers
      • Project related activities
        Agile Programming tooling, getting help and support
      • NaturalONE environment and features
        Usage and operation, NATStyle, NATdoc, Testing, Debugging, Predict plugin and Browse Data
      Available languages:course book: English
      course delivery: English
      Software version:Latest
      Self enrolment (SAG all Learners)
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