webMethods Integration Essentials (611B-71E)

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the architecture and components of the webMethods Platform
  • Explain the interaction of Services and the Data Pipeline
  • Use Built-in Services and webMethods adapters to perform integration tasks
  • Develop custom Packages and Services to perform business logic
  • Create Services using the webMethods Flow and Java languages
  • Create de-coupled integrations via publish-subscribe messaging
  • Send and receive data over the Internet
  • Connect to 3rd party technologies through the use of webMethods adapters
  • Orchestrate Services using a business process mode
Attendees: webMethods Developers; webMethods Administrators, and/or webMethods Architects
Duration: 8 days
webMethods Integration Essentials I: 1 day of Introductory eLearning with demonstrations
webMethods Integration Essentials II: 5 days of Instructor-led training with hands on exercises
webMethods Integration Essentials III: 2 days of self-paced eLearning with hands on exercises
  • Experience with Object-oriented development
  • 1-2 years software development experience (preferably Java)
  • Moderate, hands-on experience using Eclipse™ IDE
  • Familiarity with JSON™, XML and Messaging
Proposed follow on courses:
Content: webMethods Integration Essentials I (e-learning - 8 hours)
*This is a mandatory requirement for attending webMethods Integration Essentials II
  • Overview of Software AG's Digital Business Platform
  • Using Software AG Designer
  • Introduction to services
  • Document types
  • Introduction to Flow Services

webMethods Integration Essentials II (Instructor-led-training - 5 days)
*Students are not eligible to begin webMethods Integration Essentials II without first completing webMethods Integration Essentials I
  • Flow services
  • Mapping
  • Monitoring services
  • Invoking services and XML processing
  • XSLT services
  • Java services
  • Service Debugging and Error Handling
  • Flat-file handling
  • Web services and XML Security
  • Messaging using webMethods
  • Messaging using Java® Message Service (JMS)
  • IS Client to Messaging Providers
  • webMethods Messaging Triggers – Filtering
  • Internal Integration Error Handling
  • Service Performance
  • Adapter for JDBC
  • Overview of automated business processes using the webMethods Dynamic Apps Platform

webMethods Integration Essentials III (Self-paced Training - 2 days)
*Students are not eligible to begin webMethods Integration Essentials III without first completing webMethods Integration Essentials II
  • Performance - caching and enhanced XML parsing
  • REST services
  • Advanced Web services - Custom Headers Advanced
  • Web services - MTOM Streaming Attachments
  • Application Platform
Available languages: course book: English
course delivery: German, English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish
Software version: webMethods 10.1
Self enrolment (SAG all Learners)
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