API Management with webMethods Platform (456-73E)


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

·        Define and create APIs in API Gateway

·        Secure APIs using DMZ-level protection

·        Use API Gateway as an API provider

·        Synchronize APIs in API Gateway with API Portal

·        Use API Portal as an API provider

·        Use API Portal as an API consumer

·        Manage monetization

·        Analyze usage of APIs

·        Customize API Portal

·        Use micro services


·        Software architects

·        Service providers

·        Service consumers  

·        Service developers  

·        Service manager administrators


5 days


·        Understanding web services and API management concepts

·        For advanced chapters, webMethods Integration Server knowledge is helpful


·        API management introduction

·        Definition and documentation of APIs in API Gateway

·        Identification and consumer management

·        Traffic management

·        Monitoring and SLA management

·        Message transformation

·        Routing and load balancing

·        Policy management

·        Threat protection

·        Analytics in API Gateway

·        API Portal integration

·        API Portal from an API provider view

·        API Portal from an API consumer view

·        Monetization of APIs with packages and plans

·         Analytics in API Portal

·         Administration of API Gateway and API Portal

·         Customization of API Portal

·         Microservices Statistics

Self enrolment (SAG all Learners)
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