webMethods Certified API Management Professional

Objectives:The Software AG Certification Program establishes a standard of knowledge and skills necessary to successfully set-up, customize and drive excellence projects with Software AG technology. All certifications offered by Software AG attest to a high level of proficiency as an expert based on ARIS, Cumulocity IoT, webMethods, and Adabas/Natural.

Benefits of achieving the webMethods Certified API Management Professional certification are
  • Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency
  • Validation of your expertise and skills to your employer
  • Ability to apply for future job opportunities
Attendees:This test is designed to check for skills and understanding of how to manage the entire life cycle of APIs and how to expose APIs to internal and external consumers.
Duration:180 minutes
  • Successful completion of the webMethods Certified API Management Professional test requires a solid knowledge in API Gateway and API-Portal, as can be acquired through Software AG training courses plus practical experience.
  • While the suggested resources can assist you in preparing for the test, it is imperative that you have hands-on experience in developing and/or maintaining API Management projects since this is a practice-oriented test.
  • For topics covered in the test, please review the webMethods Product Suite 10.5 product-and task related documentation.
  • No course completion is required to sit for this exam, but prospective examinees are strongly recommended to have completed the courses: 'API Management with webMethods Platform'.

    Content:Individuals who successfully complete the webMethods Certified API Management Professional test will have demonstrated knowledge and skills associated with the following subject areas:
    • API Management Concepts: API Management on premise and in the Cloud, related products and API types
    • API Gateway Overview: API Gateway Capabilities, User Management, Destinations and Event Types
    • API Creation: API Creation, Import & Export; API Versioning, Status and Tagging; REST and SOAP Concepts; API Mocking and Scopes; Runtime Aliases
    • Identification Management: Identify and Access Policies, Inbound Authentication (Transport/Message); User Authorization
    • Consumer Management: Registered/Global Applications; Identification Policies and API Keys; Application Approval workflow
    • Policy Management: Message flow and Policy Types (global / API level / Scope); Threat Protection Policies and Reverse Invoke; Policy Templates
    • Traffic Management Policies: Logging & Monitoring, Throttling & Caching
    • Routing and Mediation Policies: Routing Policies, Outbound Authentication, Message Transformation; API Mashup; API with Callback
    • API Portal Overview: API Portal Capabilities and API Portal User Management
    • Exposing APIs in API Portal: Publishing and editing APIs in API Portal
    • API Portal Communities
    • Consuming APIs in API Portal: User registration and Access token requests; Try API functionality
    • API Monetization: Packages and Plans
    • Advanced Security Policies: OAuth2
    • Microgateway: Microgateway Capabilities; Provisioning and running Microgateway
    • Administration: Deployment scenarios, Clustering and High Availability; Staging/Promotion & DevOps; Data Management
    Available languages:course book: English
    course delivery: English
    Software version:webMethods 10.x
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