Cumulocity IoT Basic (E234A-75E)

At the end of this course, you…
  • Can explain the purpose and benefits of the Cumulocity IoT platform
  • Know how to use the key features of the Cumulocity IoT platform
  • Understand the key concept of the device integration with Cumulocity IoT and you have connected your smartphone to your Cumulocity IoT free trial tenant
  • Can set up your asset hierarchy to represent your device from a business perspective
  • Can create your analytics and monitor pages by adding and arranging widgets
  • Know how to create business rules to work on incoming data in real-time and to perform actions based on this data
  • Understand how to handle reports based on dashboards layouts and how to create reports for exporting data
Attendees: Users interested in the Internet of Things and user interested in Cumulocity IoT
Duration: ca. 6 hours
Prerequisite: Computer, Internet and Smartphone handling skills
Proposed follow on courses:
  • A high-level introduction to Cumulocity IoT
  • Device Registration in Cumulocity IoT
  • Managing assets in Cumulocity IoT
  • Visualize a device in Cumulocity IoT
  • Monitor a device in Cumulocity IoT
  • Manage reports in Cumulocity IoT
Available languages: course book: English
course delivery: English
Software version: Cumulocity IoT 10.4

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