NaturalONE Basic (E310A-75E)

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This training provides a basic introduction to the integrated development environment NaturalONE for novices to make them familiar with the environment to enable them to use NaturalONE as a development environment for Natural programmers. Not only NaturalONE specific features and functions are covered, but as well Eclipse functions which help to simplify the work of a developer.
It is recommended that the participants try to reproduce the steps on their own in their own NaturalONE environment. If there is no environment available a free trial can be downloaded via Software AG’s tech community (  

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you...

  • Know the usage of NaturalONE for development
  • Know how about workspace preferences and how to change them
  • Can use the DDM editor and access database files with the data browser
  • Know how to write documentation to get generated by NATdoc as HTML documentation
  • Are able to execute adhoc tests of your Natural subprogram
  • Know how to debug a Natural program
  • Can check with NATstyle your defined source code standards

Software versions covered

  • NaturalONE 9.1

Intended audience

  • Natural Software developers
  • Natural administrators

Skills pre-requisites

  • Basic understanding of Natural programming language

Content topics

  • First Steps with NaturalONE
  • Source Code Editor
  • Workspace Preferences and other Views
  • Useful NaturalONE Functions
  • DDM and Data Browser
  • Documentation NATdoc
  • Subprogram Testing
  • Debugging
  • NATstyle

Delivery method

  • Basic courses are delivered as Self-Paced Training (pre-recorded Instructor presentations, product demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, as applicable)

Self-paced duration

  • Minimum of 4 hours

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