API Management Essentials (E456-75E)

You like to innovate faster with APIs and need to know all about API Management? Or perhaps you want to expand your knowledge and gain a certification? If so, this hands-on comprehensive course has been designed to support API Developers, Service Providers, and Integration Architects who are aiming to achieve one or more of these objectives.

The API Management Essentials course is based on several parts:  Basic, Core and Electives.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and create APIs in API Gateway
  • Secure APIs using policies and DMZ-level protection
  • Use API Gateway as an API provider
  • Synchronize APIs in API Gateway with API Portal
  • Use API Portal as API provider and API consumer
  • Manage monetization
  • Analyze usage of APIs
  • Administer API Gateway and API Portal

Software versions covered

  • While this course was originally to provide knowledge on webMethods API Management platform 10.5, the cloud tenant used in the Basic part will be based on the latest release.   

Intended audience

  • Technical users interested in performing API Management tasks. For example:
    • Service Providers
    • Service Consumers
    • Service Developers
    • Integration Architects   

Skills pre-requisites

  • Understanding REST/web services and API management concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Cloud computing concepts and terms
  • For advanced units, webMethods Integration Server knowledge is helpful

Content topics

  • Signing up for a free trial of Software AG Cloud and webMethods.io API
  • API Management introduction
  • Definition and documentation of APIs in API Gateway
  • Identification and consumer management
  • Message transformation, routing and load balancing using Policies
  • Monitoring and SLA management
  • Threat protection
  • Analytics in API Gateway
  • API Portal integration and usage
  • Monetization of APIs with Packages and Plans
  • Analytics in API Gateway and API Portal
  • Administration of API Gateway and API Portal
  • Basic customization of API Portal

Delivery method

  • Essentials courses are delivered as Self-Paced Training (pre-recorded Instructor presentations, product demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, as applicable)

Self-paced duration

  • Minimum of 32 hours

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