ALFABET Application Portfolio Governance + ALFABET Technical Portfolio Governance (250-22)


ALFABET users with similar job position like Enterprise Architects, Domain Architects, Application Owner, Technology Architect, Program Managers


5 days

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course book: English
course delivery: English


Basic Computer handling and possibly Enterprise Architecture and Business-IT-Management knowledge

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Alfabet 9.12


ALFABET Application Portfolio Governance

  • Business architecture portfolio management
  • Application documentation
  • Management of application portfolio structure
  • Business-, information- and technical context of the application
  • Application assessment and analysis
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Application governance

ALFABET Technical Portfolio Governance

  • Component & platform documentation, definition of standards
  • Component categories & types
  • Platform architecture: different platform use case modeling approaches
  • Technology portfolio management
  • Technology assessment, analysis, approval and roadmap planning

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