Software AG Certified Cumulocity IoT Professional (C22P-75E)


The Software AG Certified Cumulocity IoT Professional Certification Exam was designed to check for skills and understanding of Cumulocity IoT Developers who will manage the entire life cycle of the IoT solutions including device connectivity and management, analytics covering condition monitoring, visualization using dashboards and customizing the platform through microservices and rebranding.


Exam Name:

Software AG Certified Cumulocity IoT  Professional Certification Exam

Exam ID:


Target Audience:

Cumulocity IoT Developers

Awarded Credentials:

Software AG Certified Cumulocity IoT  Professional Badge

Credentials Validity:

24 Months

Exam Format


180 minutes

Passing Score:


Question Format:

Multiple Choice

Number of Questions:


Delivery Platform:



This exam has been validated against Version 10.5



Recommended Training

Exam TopicS

  • Introduction to IoT
    • Cumulocity IoT General Overview
    • Cumulocity IoT Solutions
    • Cumulocity IoT Edge
  • Device Management
    • Connecting Devices
    • Device Solutions
    • Device Operations
    • Device Lifecycle
    • MQTT
  • Front End
    • Dashboards
    • Smart Rules
    • Location and Tracking
    • Smart REST
  • Measurements
    • Alarms and Events
    • Data Model/Domain Model
    • Data Points/Visualization
    • Simulator
  • Back End
    • REST
    • Microservices
    • webUI App
    • Architecture
  • Administration
    • User Management
    • Tenant Management
    • Security
    • Auditing
  • Machine Learning Capabilities
  • DataHub Capabilities
  • Streaming Analytics
    • Apama Basic
    • Analytics Builder Model Editor
    • Analytics Builder Model Manager

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