ARIS Modeler Basic (E731A-77E)

This self-paced course helps demonstrate basic and some intermediate functionality of the ARIS product for current and future ARIS modelers, architects, and administrators.

This course is designed to show the main concept and overview of ARIS. As well as to teach ARIS Viewer users basic how-to’s. In addition, learners will see how ARIS supports collaboration, improvement within your business processes and work with ARIS Connect. It will also introduce different kinds of models and some design methods on where to use them. It also teaches you the basic functionality of ARIS and how it ties up together. 

This course also allows you to earn a badge and be a Software AG Certified ARIS Modeler Associate. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • What is ARIS?
  • What are the main components and specific modeling approaches?
  • How to use ARIS for your modeling work?

Software versions covered

  • ARIS Designer/Architect V10.0 SR 10 or Higher
  • ARIS Connect V10.0 SR 10 or Higher

Intended audience

  • Users working with ARIS Designer and/or ARIS Architect to create business process models
  • Modelers
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Analysts

Skills pre-requisites

  • Basic Computer Skills

Content topics

  • Concept and Overview
    • Business Process Management (BPM) and why is it important?
    • Business Process Lifecycle
    • What is ARIS?
    • ARIS house and its benefits
    • Components of ARIS
    • Specific modeling approaches 
  • Viewing Business Process
    • Why Collaboration on Business Process Matters?
    • Main Areas of ARIS Connect
    • Confirmation Management
    • Process Improvement
  • Business Process Design with ARIS
    • Business Process Modeling: Library model
    • Release Cycle Management
    • Business Process Analysis with Standard Reports or Queries
    • What is Documentation and how to handle with them

Delivery method

  • Basic courses are delivered as Self-Paced Training (pre-recorded Instructor presentations, product demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, as applicable)

Self-paced duration

  • Minimum of 120 minutes

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