API Management Basic (E456A-7BE)


This self-paced training provides a jump-start into API Management and Software AG's webMethods.io API offering in the cloud. Short videos followed by hands-on labs on a free trial environment provide fundamental knowledge about API definition, provisioning, policy enforcement and usage within API Gateway and Developer Portal.

This course also allows you to earn a badge and be a Software AG Certified API Management Associate. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you...

  • Can explain the purpose and benefits of API Management
  • Know Software AG's webMethods.io API cloud offering and its related products
  • Are able to create and test basic APIs in a cloud-based API Gateway
  • Can offer and advertise APIs in a cloud-based Developer Portal
  • Know about the need to secure APIs
  • Defined and tested basic APIs Policies in API Gateway

Software versions covered

  • webMethods.io API 10.11

Intended audience

  • Software architects, Service providers, Service consumers, Service developers, Service manager administrators

Skills pre-requisites

  • Understanding web services

Content topics

  • What is API Management and why you need it
  • Introducing the purpose and advantages of an API Gateway
  • Advertising your APIs in a Developer Portal
  • Securing and invoking APIs in API Gateway
  • Diagnosis (of process problems)
  • What are policies and how to add them

Delivery method

  • Basic courses are delivered as Self-Paced Training (pre-recorded Instructor presentations, product demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, as applicable)

Self-paced duration

  • Minimum of 300 Minutes

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