webMethods Certified CAF Developer

Objectives:The Software AG Certification Program establishes a standard of knowledge and skills necessary to successfully set-up, customize and drive business process excellence projects with Software AG technology. All certifications offered by Software AG attest to a high level of proficiency as a process expert based on ARIS, Cumulocity IoT, webMethods, Natural or Adabas.

Benefits of achieving the webMethods Certified CAF Developer certification are
  • Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency
  • Validation of your expertise and skills to your employer
  • Ability to apply for future job opportunities
  • Certificate to identify you as a webMethods Certified CAF Developer.
Attendees:Experienced webMethods CAF developers
Duration:180 minutes
  • The test assumes a general understanding of Java, Web services and Internet technologies, as well as specialized knowledge of CAF development.
  • This test is designed to check for skills and understanding of how to implement webMethods CAF applications in an organization.
  • Successful completion of the webMethods Certified CAF Developer test requires a solid knowledge in using webMethods CAF as can be acquired through Software AG training courses plus practical experience.
  • While the suggested resources can assist you in preparing for the test, it is imperative that you have hands-on experience in developing and/or maintaining CAF projects since this is a practice-oriented test.
  • No course completion is required to sit for this exam, but prospective examinees are strongly recommended to have completed the following courses: webMethods CAF UI and Portlet Development.
  • For topics covered in the test, please review the documentation for "Designer" > "CAF Development" and for "My webMethods Server".

We propose to attend the following offerings as prerequisite:

    Content:Individuals who successfully complete the webMethods 10.x Certified CAF Developer test will have demonstrated knowledge and skills associated with the following subject areas:
    • General CAF Topics - Architecture, Environment, Setup, Standards, etc.
    • Designer GUI - Perspectives, Views, Editors, etc.
    • Managed Beans
    • Content Providers
    • General Portlet Development - Controls, Scripts, Converters, Validators, Actions, etc.
    • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
    • Security
    • Page Navigation and Navigation Rules
    • Using Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)
    • Web Application Development & Deployment
    • My webMethods Server Page Development
    • My webMethods Server Administration
    • CAF APIs - JSFEL / CAF.Model API
    • Internationalization
    • CAF Events and Notifications
    • OpenUI - OpenUI Shell, JSF 2.x support, JSF Facelets, Java Annotations - Integrating 3rd party libraries like Bootstrap and AngularJS
    • MWS Assets and xmlImport Scripts
    • OSGi Services and Application Platform
    • Embedding of MashZone NextGen dashboards
    Available languages:course book: English
    course delivery: English
    Software version:webMethods 10.x
    Self enrolment (Learner)
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