Adabas Certified Database Administrator for Open Systems


The scope of the Adabas Database Administrator Certification Test are Open Systems (i.e. WINDOWS, Unix and Linux). The Certification Test is practice-oriented and simulates tasks and situations typical for Adabas database administration. It tests your Adabas knowledge in all areas that are important to successfully manage and maintain Adabas databases, including basic acquaintance with Adabas Add-on products.


Application developers, Data dictionary administrators, Database administrators, Development administrators, IT architects


180 minutes

Available languages:

course book: English
course delivery: English


General knowledge of the features of Adabas add-on products is expected, as well as knowledge of Predict, whereas Natural system administration and the Adabas Manager are not subjects of the test. In general, the test is independent of specific operating systems, platform and application development system details, but assumes a certain understanding of the concepts available with Adabas for Open Systems. Even though the test is designed for Adabas administrators, the examinees should have basic knowledge of programming concepts to access Adabas as well as the existence of modern Adabas interfaces, e.g. Adabas SQL Gateway etc. Detailed programming skills are not in the scope of this test, whereas a thorough knowledge of the Adabas commands (L1, L3, S1 etc.) is a prerequisite. 

Successful completion of the Adabas Database Administrator Certification requires a solid knowledge of Adabas architecture, utilities and parameters as well as their functioning, as can be acquired through Software AG training courses. While the suggested resources can assist you in preparing for the test, it is imperative that you have hands-on experience gained by maintaining Adabas databases in production, development or test environments since this is a practice-oriented test.



  • General Adabas knowledge: Benefits of using Adabas, platform availability, components of the Adabas database system, access methods including Universal Encoding Support, Adabas add-on products (overview level)
  • Adabas Architecture: Adabas database and file structures, structures in the Adabas nucleus, i.e. pools, queues and tables
  • General Database Administration Skills: Tasks of an Adabas database administrator, installation, administration tools
  • Handling of the Adabas Nucleus: Adabas operator commands, starting, stopping and restarting the Adabas nucleus, ADANUC parameters and operator commands
  • Database and File Administration: Database and file design, maintenance, descriptor and space management
  • Database and File Access: Access and update commands, transaction and hold logic, user types
  • Monitoring and Performance: Database report, nucleus statistics, command logging, add-on products for Adabas monitoring and performance
  • Ensuring Database Availability: Backup and recovery, protection logging, error handling, problem solving (including Software AG support, Empower and Developer Community)

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