webMethods OneData for Developers (681-66E)


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create basic data objects and configure relationships among objects; Update schema and Synchronize Structure
  • Navigate through folders, create and modify folders, and assign objects to folders
  • Advanced model configuration
  • Creation of conceptual objects and hierarchies: recursive, network recursive and leveled
  • Advanced configuration topics: Temporal objects, Time-bound objects, Super-type/sub-type, Secondary axis on hierarchies
  • Notification setup
  • Build, schedule, test and monitor distribution and import jobs
  • Interchange Mapping
  • Basic/Advanced workflow setup and configuration
  • Understand how application security works; how to create users, roles, and user groups
  • Advanced rules engine configuration
  • iHooks and Process Flow
  • Admin Workbench including metadata transfer across landscapes


Advanced End Uers, webMethods OneData Application Developers


4 days

Available languages:

course book: English
course delivery: Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish


webMethods OneData skills as acquired in the course "webMethods OneData for End Users"



  • Object Definition
  • Data Object - Basic Configuration
  • Data Object - Advanced Configuration
  • Conceptual Object Configuration
  • Repository Project Configuration
  • Data Deployment
  • Data Acquisition
  • Job Center
  • Security
  • Workflow
  • Admin Workbench
  • Rules Enginge and iHooks
  • Process Flow

Self enrolment (Learner)
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