Presto for Developers (242-66E)


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use the Enterprise Mashup Markup Language (EMML) and XPath expressions to normalize, construct and transform data from different sources.
  • Create custom blocks in Presto Wires for use by power users and other developers.
  • Publish Apps to a variety of platforms that include mobile devices, Microsoft SharePoint, and HTML web pages.
  • Create custom Apps in JavaScript and HTML that pull data from a Presto server.
  • Apply security and governance to your mashables, mashups, and Apps.


Developers familiar with web technologies


2 days

Available languages:

course book: English
course delivery: English, French, German, Spanish



  • "Presto for Power Users" course
  • Prior experience with HTML/JavaScript
  • Casual familiarity with XML concepts and syntax.



  • Recap of the "Presto for Power Users" course
  • Creating mashups with EMML
  • Extending Presto Wires with custom blocks
  • Creating custom views using HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Creating Custom Apps
  • Using the big memory APIs

Self enrolment (Learner)
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