Flexible Automation of Governance Processes with ARIS (738-70E)

Objectives:At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Flexibly design processes and dialogs
  • Realize automations with the help of predefined ARIS web services
  • Make your process models become executable workflow source code
Attendees:Persons in charge of design and management of BPA activities; Members of the BPA team (Process Excellence Center, business/process consultants, etc.)
Duration:3 days

    • The process of process management
    • Create and maintain processes for automated execution
    • Design process flows, including automated activities and notifications
    • Model dialogs in a flexible way
    • Use predefined ARIS web services for automatic execution
    • Integrate relevant organizational structures and roles
    • Map data flows
    • Ensure quality with predefined semantic checks
    • Transform theoretical documentation into real implementations
    • Automatic generation of executable source code
    • Execution of designed processes
    • Status control and escalation
    Available languages:course book: English
    course delivery: Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
    Software version:ARIS 10.x
    Self enrolment (SAG all Learners)
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