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Alfabet Application Portfolio Management (ALAPM01)AdvancedConsulting
Alfabet Basic Platform Administration(ALADM01)ExpertConsulting
Alfabet Business Capability Management(ALBCM01) AdvancedConsulting
Alfabet Business Process Management(ALBPM01)AdvancedConsulting
Alfabet Expand and Reporting Workshop (562-74E & 563-74E)Advanced, ExpertConsulting
Alfabet Expand Workshop (562-74E)BasicConsulting
Alfabet Planning and Roadmapping(ALPR01)ExpertConsulting
Alfabet Platform Executive Overview(ALOV01)BasicConsulting
Alfabet Reporting Workshop (563-74E)AdvancedConsulting
Alfabet Technology Portfolio Management(ALTPM01)BasicConsulting
Alfabet User Experience Basics(ALOV02)AdvancedConsulting
API Monitoring in wM Trading Networks 10.3Basic 
ARIS 10: The Future of Software is in the Cloud – ARIS Cloud Editions UnveiledBasicSales, Presales
ARIS 9.x Basics (eAR101-9xE)BasicConsulting
ARIS 9.x Business Process Modeling (eAR200-9xE)BasicConsulting
ARIS 9.x Overview (eAR100-9xE)BasicConsulting
ARIS Basics (eAR101-10xE) BasicConsulting
Cumulocity Edge Operations (E233-74E)BasicConsulting
DEMO: Lifting the Hood on Salesforce.comBasicSales, Presales
DevOps Basics and ConceptsBasicConsulting
Live Webinar: ARIS 10: Control the Way You Run Your Business – Integrated Process Mining with ARISBasicSales, Presales
Live Webinar: Digital Business Demo: DevOpsBasicSales, Presales
MashZone NextGen 10.4 Technical Delta Training (eMZ244-74E)BasicConsulting
Moving to NaturalONE and Agile Development: Self LearningBasicConsulting
SFTP in webMethods Trading Networks 10.2ExpertConsulting
webMethods Wednesday: Building Cloud-Native Apps based on MicroServicesBasicSales, Presales
Welcome Introduction - Software AG EssentialsBasicConsulting
WmTestSuite Basics and UsageBasicConsulting
(IoT-04) Internet of Things Challenges and Cumulocity SolutionsBasicConsulting
(IoT-05) Cumulocity Operations BasicConsulting
Adabas (Mainframe) System Administration (107-66E)AdvancedConsulting
Adabas Certified Database Administrator for MainframeAdvancedConsulting
Adabas Certified Database Administrator for Open SystemsAdvancedConsulting
Adabas Fundamentals (001-73E)BasicConsulting
Adabas System Administration (Mainframe) (107-73E)AdvancedConsulting
Adabas System Administration (Unix, Windows) (111-71E)AdvancedConsulting
Adabas, Natural, Predict System Administration (105-65E)AdvancedConsulting
Adabas, Natural, Predict System Administration (Mainframe) (105-66E)AdvancedConsulting
Administration of Process-Driven SAP Solutions with ARIS (761-41E)AdvancedConsulting
Advanced Business Process Modeling and Administration with ARIS (735-70E)AdvancedConsulting