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webMethods Business Rules (629-6CE)Advanced
Adabas Fundamentals (001-6CE)Basic
Entire Operations API-Programmierung mit Natural (527-68D)Basic
Natural Programming - Advanced (308-66E)Advanced
webMethods Knowledge Update to 9.12 - Integration Platform (602-6CE)Advanced
Alfabet Application Portfolio Governance (551-6CE)Advanced
Alfabet Technology Portfolio Governance (557-6CE)Basic
Alfabet Expand Workshop (562-6CE)Basic
Alfabet Reporting Workshop (563-6CE)Basic
Building Applications in the webMethods AgileApps Cloud (401-6CE)Basic
Process-Driven Solutions with ARIS for SAP Solutions (760-70E)Expert
Produktionssteuerung von Rechenzentren mit Entire Systems Management (523-68D)Basic
Natural Grundlagen für ESM API-Programmierer (525-66D)Basic
Agile Development with NaturalONE (309-71E)Expert
Developing an Apama EPL Application (251-6CE)Advanced
ARIS 10: The Future of Software is in the Cloud – ARIS Cloud Editions UnveiledBasic
(IoT-01) Basics of the Internet of Things and CumulocityBasic
(IoT-04) Internet of Things Challenges and Cumulocity SolutionsBasic
(IoT-05) Cumulocity Operations Basic
Live Webinar: Digital Business Demo: DevOpsBasic
Moving to NaturalONE and Agile Development (310-71E)Advanced
Business Process Modeling with ARIS Connect (734Co-70E)Basic
Business Process Modeling with ARIS (731-70E)Basic
Advanced Business Process Modeling and Administration with ARIS (735-70E)Advanced
Interactive Visualization of Process KPIs with ARIS Aware (739-70E)Basic
Building Analytic Dashboards with MashZone NextGen (243-71E)Advanced
Business Process Modeling and Administration with ARIS Cloud (734Cl-70E)Basic
ARIS Connect Portal Configuration (742-70E)Expert
Live Webinar: ARIS 10: Control the Way You Run Your Business – Integrated Process Mining with ARISBasic
webMethods CAF UI and Portlet Development (623-71E)Advanced
Defining and Implementing Corporate Strategies with ARIS Business Strategy (714-70E)Advanced
Terracotta DB 10.1 for Developers (212-71E)Basic
API Management with webMethods Platform (456-71E)Advanced
Adabas System Administration (Unix, Windows) (111-71E)Advanced
Process Mining and Analytics with ARIS PPM (770-71E)Basic
PPM Customizing using Customizing Toolkit (774-71E)Advanced
Flexible Automation of Governance Processes with ARIS (738-70E)Advanced
Cumulocity for Power Users (231-71E)Basic
Cumulocity for Developers (232-71E)Advanced
webMethods Integration Workshop (611-71E)Basic