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Course restoration in progress copy 3 E-learning
Agile Development with NaturalONE (309-71E)ExpertFace-to-face
ARIS Connect Portal Configuration (742-68E)ExpertFace-to-face
ARIS Connect Portal Configuration (742-70E)ExpertFace-to-face
ARIS Knowledge Update 7.x to 9.8 (730-68E)ExpertFace-to-face
Building In-Memory Applications with Terracotta BigMemory (211-67E)ExpertFace-to-face
Compliance Management with ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager (785-68E)ExpertFace-to-face
Dashboard Design based on MashZone (780-67E)ExpertFace-to-face
Presto for Developers (242-66E)ExpertFace-to-face
Presto for Power Users (241-66E)ExpertFace-to-face
Process-Driven Solutions with ARIS for SAP Solutions (760-70E)ExpertFace-to-face
SOA Enabling with webMethods ApplinX (943-67E)ExpertFace-to-face
SOA Governance with CentraSite (453-69E)ExpertFace-to-face
SOA Runtime Governance with webMethods Mediator (455-69E)ExpertFace-to-face
Terracotta Universal Messaging for Administrators (222-67E)ExpertFace-to-face
Terracotta Universal Messaging for Developers (221-67E)ExpertFace-to-face
Web Enabling with webMethods ApplinX (942-67E)ExpertFace-to-face
webMethods ActiveTransfer Workshop (635-68E)ExpertFace-to-face
webMethods ActiveTransfer Workshop (635-71E)ExpertFace-to-face
webMethods Insight (454-69E)ExpertFace-to-face
webMethods Mobile Suite (626-67E)ExpertFace-to-face
webMethods OneData API and Configuration (682-66E)ExpertFace-to-face
(IoT-04) Internet of Things Challenges and Cumulocity SolutionsBasicFace-to-face
(IoT-05) Cumulocity Operations BasicFace-to-face
Adabas Fundamentals (001-6CE)BasicFace-to-face
ALFABET Application Portfolio Governance + ALFABET Technical Portfolio Governance (250-22)BasicFace-to-face
Alfabet Expand Workshop (562-6CE)BasicFace-to-face
Alfabet Technology Portfolio Governance (557-6CE)BasicFace-to-face
Analyzing Process with PPM (APPM1), Advanced Process Analysis with PPM (APPM2) + Advanced Reporting with PPM (APPM3) (PPM-WS01)BasicFace-to-face
Application Modernization with webMethods EntireX (537-47E01)BasicFace-to-face
ARIS 10: The Future of Software is in the Cloud – ARIS Cloud Editions UnveiledBasicE-learning
Basics of the Internet of Things and Cumulocity (E230-73E)BasicE-learning
Building Applications in the webMethods AgileApps Cloud (401-6CE)BasicFace-to-face
Building In-Memory Applications with Terracotta DB (212-72E)BasicFace-to-face
Business Process Modeling and Administration with ARIS Cloud (734Cl-70E)BasicFace-to-face
Business Process Modeling with ARIS (731-70E)BasicFace-to-face
Business Process Modeling with ARIS Connect (734Co-70E)BasicFace-to-face
Cumulocity for Power Users (231-71E)BasicFace-to-face
DEMO: Lifting the Hood on Salesforce.comBasicE-learning
DevOps Basics and ConceptsBasicE-learning